I am a milk jug.  Let me explain...


For the first time in five years I have 3 hours twice a week where I find myself childless. One day I meandered (something one can only do without children) into an antique store and fell in love with a milk jug. This jug, much like me, has found a new purpose in this life. Once a container for storing milk, it is now a beautifully aged piece of decor awaiting a new home. It was holding gorgeous crimson flowers when I came upon it. 

Like this milk jug, I too feel like I've been repurposed. Five years ago I was a teacher. I was fufilling a 25 year dream of teaching children. I left teaching to have my own babies and stay home with them in those early years. I both lost and found myself in those years. Kids are great for that! In the process of finding myself, I found photography.


Now, five years later, I find myself with more time to pursue this passion. It is both terrifying and exhilarating. (As any great adventure should be.) You should know. I am a milk jug. I am repurposed. I am beautifully old, full of stories to tell, with a passion to seek out your stories and share them through photos.


It's lovely to meet you.

Liz Fendell & Family