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Holiday Mini Set Style Guide 2020

Welcome to the style guide for holiday minis at the Denver Photo Collective! With two very different studio options to choose from, I wanted to provide a little inspiration on how to dress your family this year.  Is it possible to shoot in both studios? Yes.  With carefully selected choices, you can find a middle ground between boho chic and glitz and glam.  I'm here to help!  I've selected a few outfit ideas for the kids and for mom. I didn't add dad, but use my boy inspiration to guide you.  I tend to dress dad last after I've chosen my palette and styled outfits around mom and kids.  Dads tend to have all the staples they need in their closets already.  If you'd like more help styling dad, just let me know.  I've also linked all of the inspiration pictures I used to the website where they can be purchased.  But, please know this is really meant to inspire your own design.  Use the colors, textures, and vibes and find similar items you love.  They don't have to be these exact outfits!  Happy styling!



White/Wood Set:

This set screams boho chic!  Choose a neutral palette when dressing the fam for pictures this year.  Rusty orange is the new red!

Here are some neutral outfit ideas for the kiddos from Zara.com and H&M.com.  Click the images to be directed to their web page!  Don't be afraid of layers, especially on your boys.  Add a sweater that can be removed because the shirt underneath is just as cute!  Suspenders are an adorable addition that will help elevate the look.  


Neutrals for mom from Bohme.  For the sake of holiday minis I only selected dresses.  But if dresses aren't your thing, no problem.  Stick with the color palette and build from there.  A cream colored chunky turtleneck sweater paired with a wide leg trouser, jean, or chord would keep it casual and classy.  


Glitz and Glam Set:

Prefer something fancy?  Glitz and glam is your scene.  I love the idea of a family style New Year's Party (this may be the closest we'll get to throwing a NYE soiree!). I'll provide some hats, balloons, and New Year's glasses.  You bring the fun!  This moody set offers all sorts of fun opportunities to dress up!  If you need a reason to put on some heels, you found it!  And if you're wanting to focus on a simpler Christmas card look, no problem.  The NYE decor is easy to set aside and we can add some pops of Christmas cheer!

Inspiration for the kids from H&M.  


Woman's Inspiration from H&M and Nordstrom.


Don't forget the shoes!

It's easy to spend time building the perfect outfits only to ruin the look because you  forgot about the shoes. The dirty sneakers the kids wear to school every day can really kill the vibe!  There are lots of wallet friendly options that will help complete the look.  Also, reach out to family and friends with kids the same age and borrow!  

I want to use both sets, But I'm still not sure how to do that.

It can be done!  Think neutral palette and then you accessorize.  Sequins in the white/wood set could be a a bit much (unless they are neutral sequins like a cream dress on mom for example).  So try to keep the clothing neutral in the palette that fits the white/wood set.  Then do a quick shoe change or add a festive blazer on the boys to elevate the look to something more chic.  Start with a neutral button down shirt on the boys and then add a bow tie to glam it up a bit.  Still need help? Email, call or text and I'll be happy to walk through it with you. 

Style Guide for Outdoor Family Shoots

Preparing for your shoot can easily breed stress comparable to prepping for your wedding day.  Only, now instead of only dressing yourself, you're probably prepping clothes for your entire family.  Have no fear!  Here are a few tips to ease the stress and have you looking fab for your photos.

  • Coordinate: (do not match!)  Pick a color palette and run with it.  This means feel free to mix patterns, textures, colors, in a subtle way with coordinating colors. Here's a great example.  This family opted to dress in all solids except for dad's blazer.  They new the graffiti walls in RINO would be loud and full of color, so they kept their style choices simple.  The yellow dress brought just the right pop of color and the son's white shirt and jeans kept the mood casual.  Mom's gold heels elevate her outfit and the husband's blazer adds just a little bit of texture without competing with the busy background.

This adorable family managed to dress everyone in coordinating outfits by starting with the baby.  She is in a plaid dress that defined their style palette.  All of the other outfits were built around that one dress.  This is also a great reminder to think about jackets in the fall/winter.  Colorado weather is very unpredictable and you don't want to ruin your amazing outfits because you don't have the proper outerwear to go with what you've worked so hard to create!

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