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{What to Wear}

Style Guide for Family Shoots

Preparing for your shoot can easily breed stress comparable to prepping for your wedding day.  Only, now instead of only dressing yourself, you're probably prepping clothes for your entire family.  Have no fear!  Here are a few tips to ease the stress and have you looking fab for your photos.

  • Coordinate: (do not match!)  Pick a color palette and run with it.  This means feel free to mix patterns, textures, colors, in a subtle way with coordinating colors. Here's a great example.  This family opted to dress in all solids except for dad's blazer.  They new the graffiti walls in RINO would be loud and full of color, so they kept their style choices simple.  The yellow dress brought just the right pop of color and the son's white shirt and jeans kept the mood casual.  Mom's gold heels elevate her outfit and the husband's blazer adds just a little bit of texture without competing with the busy background.


This adorable family managed to dress everyone in coordinating outfits by starting with the baby.  She is in a plaid dress that defined their style palette.  All of the other outfits were built around that one dress.  This is also a great reminder to think about jackets in the fall/winter.  Colorado weather is very unpredictable and you don't want to ruin your amazing outfits because you don't have the proper outerwear to go with what you've worked so hard to create!


For a styled set, like this holiday mini below, check out the promo photos I make available before your shoot.  They will ensure you're on the right track and that your outfits don't clash with the set.  This family looks adorable! They picked a neutral black as their main color and I love how they broke it up with jackets, jeans, and the daughter's plaid dress.


I am here to help!  Once your session is scheduled and your location is finalized we will work together to create outfits that allow everyone to shine!  

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