{What to Wear}

Preparing for your shoot can easily breed stress comparable to prepping for your wedding day.  Only, now instead of mearly dressing yourself, you're probably prepping clothes for your entire family.  Have no fear!  Here are a few tips to ease the stress and have you looking fab for your photos.

  • Coordinate: (do not match!)  Pick a color palette and run with it.  This means feel free to mix patterns, textures, colors, in a subtle way with coordinating colors. Here's a great example.  This family opted for a pastel color scheme with mom staying very neutral.  Baby sister got the bright pattern, while brothers were in similar blue hues (not identical).  Dad was in a light purple polo which pulled from the colors in his daughter's romper.  

  • Accessorize:  Don't be afraid of adding a chunky scarf to a fall shoot, accessorizing with great jewelry or pulling in a pop of color with some fun heels.  But, do feel comfortable.  If you're falling over in killer pumps as you attempt a family session in tall grass, your face will reflect that feeling in your images.  Check out mom's beautiful scarf in the photo below.  It provides visual interest but also coordinates grandma's cream dress and the girls' blue dresses.

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